Hey friends! First off, I want to thank you guys for all of the positive feedback. I am so happy that people are discovering Color Collective and are finding it to be useful and inspiring. I want to let you know about my "Meet the Blogger" interview at In Honor of Design. Anna is very sweet, and I feel honored that she chose to feature me this week! ♥


  1. Ooh hello! I've just stumbled across your work and I utterly adore it! You've got utterly fantastic style and taste when it comes to art! If you'd like to do a guest post sometime on my blog, check it out and give me a shout! I want to climb into your blog and live amoungst all the colour and beauty!

    Have a fab week! *I'll be back*


  2. Thank you for commenting over at my blog, and for letting me know about you!! I really enjoyed reading your posts here. I hope you don't mind, I'm going to recommend you to my readers tomorrow. I know they will love Color Collective.